7,500mAh 12V Jump Starter & Power Pack

ChargeUp Auto

7,500mAh 12V Jump Starter & Power Pack

- 10x jump starts per charge
- Jump starts most vehicles
- Featuring Mosfet Safety Protection
- Holds charge for up to 6-12 months

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Featuring a super compact design that is both lightweight and highly portable. Store the ChargeUp Auto 7.5K in your glovebox or use it as the ultimate travel companion allowing you to jumpstart your car, motorbike and boat within the range specified.

Convenient, safe, quick and effective jump-starting solution
For vehicles up to 3L Petrol or 1.7L Diesel
Up to 10 Jump-starts per full charge
Portable charging unit for various USB powered devices such as your iPhone, Camera or Headphones
3-4 smartphone charges
Featuring Mosfet Protection – the ultimate in safety for you and your vehicle
Solid Copper Clamp Jaws providing a strong charging connection
Built in super bright general function LED Safety Light
Holds charge for up to 6-12 months
450g / 171mm (H) x 87mm (W) x 31mm (D)


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Jump starting your vehicle can be dangerous without the right equipment. Using the ChargeUp Auto 7,500 by Cygnett means that you are doing it safely and effectively using a compact and powerful unit.

The Charge Up Auto 7,500 comes in a handy, portable protective carry case which includes the Portable Jump Starter 7,500 device, Clamps with solid copper jaws and Ultra Safe Relay and Micro USB cable.

Featuring the Mosfet Protection Ultimate Safety System even the most novice of users are safe. Mosfet Smart Clamps are smaller in size and provide Reverse Protection, Over Current Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Low Voltage Protection, Reverse Charge Protection and High Temperature Protection.

With added protection against rusting, the robust nature of the Mosfet Smart Clamps ensures the service life is even longer.

LED status indicators display the internal lithium batteries charge level and charging status. The ChargeUp Auto 7,500 also features a built in LED Super Bright Torch which provides you with a handy general lighting source.

The Cygnett ChargeUp Auto 7,500 can hold the majority of its charge for anywhere between 6 to 12 months. It will also provide you with up to 10 x jump starts per charge.

It also provides you with the added convenience of charging your smartphone, tablet, Bluetooth headphones and numerous other digital devices.


The Cygnett ChargeUp Auto 7,500 is a 12V Portable Jump Starter and 12V  Power Bank kit designed to start vehicles up to 3.0L Petrol or 1.7L Diesel. This includes cars, boats and motorcycles and it also doubles as a portable power source for recharging USB devices like smartphones, tablets.

Items included

ChargeUp Auto 7,500

Clamps with Ultra-Safe Relay

Micro-USB Cable

Protective carry Case

User Guide and Warranty