Screen Cleaning Kit - 60ml

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Screen Cleaning Kit - 60ml

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Maximize the viewing quality of your smartphone, tablet, laptop, TV's and monitors at home or in the office with the Cygnett screen cleaning kit. The cleaning kit is suitable for use on LCD and plasma TV's and all types of laptop screens and smartphone screens. Cleaning Kit cleans and protects your screens.

The Cygnett Screen Cleaning Kit provides you with anti-static and anti-bacterial protection for a wide range of screen devices from smartphones through to tablets, monitors and laptops. Portable, lightweight and secure means that it can be easily transported in your bag, suitcase or backpack.

The Cygnett Screen Cleaning Kit is a dedicated cleaning solution for your digital smartphones, tablets as well as laptops and desktop monitors. The fast two step cleaning process (Spray and Wipe) ensures that screens are free from dust, germs and smudges as well as ensuring that no residue is left behind. The anti-drip and alcohol free formula is both safe and effective making the cleaning process simple and successful.

The Cygnett Screen Cleaning Kit is ideal for use on all of your devices from smartphones to tablets, laptops to desktop monitors the Screen Cleaning Kit by Cygnett is effective and easy to use ensuring your devices are kept looking brand new.