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Universal Vent Car Phone Mount
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Universal Long Arm Car Mount
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Magnetic Car Wireless Charger - Vent


Magnetic Car Mount Vent


Magnetic Car Window Mount


Magnetic Extendable Window Mount

In-Car Tech

Car phone holders give you easy, hands-free access to your phone so you can do all the things you love safely. At Cygnett, design is at the heart of what we do. Our Vent Mount and Window Mount car phone holders are made to be easy to use, reliable and widely compatible, meaning they’ll work with most phones. They also come with magnetic mounting and wireless charging options.

Magnetic Phone Holders For The Car

Magnetic car phone holders are designed for maximum adjustability. With a 360° range of positions, it's easy to to get your favourite angle whilst the magnet keeps a strong hold of your phone even on bumpy roads. Our range is compatible with most MagSafe devices, and for other devices, we also provide a metal attachment ring that attaches onto the back of any phone.

Car Vent Phone Holders

Car vent phone holders keep it simple. By clipping onto any vehicle's vents,they are easy to set up and transfer between vehicles, as well as coming with plenty of options. The Wireless 10W Smartphone Car Charger Vent Mount keeps your compatible smart device fully charged for any journey. The Magnetic Car Vent Mount allows for easy  360° adjusting with a strong grip. For pure simplicity, the Universal In-Car Vent Mount uses a spring vice that can hold most smart devices.

Phone Holders For Car Windscreen

For the car phone holder that provides maximum visibility, our windscreen-mounted holders are made with functionality and style at the forefront. Seated at eye-level, you can access your devices safely and conveniently, with a range of options to choose from. The Magnetic Car Wireless Charger - Window, combines magnetic adjustability and 15W-fast charging for any compatible device. The Magnetic Car Window Mount still gives you freedom of position for your device. And for the easiest phone dock for a car, the Universal In-Car Windscreen Mount holds most smart phones in a convenient location.

Why You Need a Car Phone Holder 

A car phone holder is a safer way to access the functions that your phone provides, so you can listen to music, make hand-free calls, and use navigation software easier. With a strong hold, it’ll keep your phone in place and a Wireless Charging Option will make sure that your phone stays charged.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Best Mobile Phone Car Holder?

Ultimately, this will be what best suits you. Car vent phone holders clip on easily and can transfer from car to car with little hassle. However, some people don’t like the angle their car vent provides, preferring a windscreen-mounted phone holder at eye level. For the type of phone car holder that is best for you, think about whether you prefer a magnetic or vice grip and if you want to wirelessly charge your device whilst driving.

Benefits of a Phone Holder in The Car

The United Kingdom requires ‘hands-free’ holding of your devices whilst driving to keep you and others safe. A car phone holder enables convenient, safe access to your phone so that you can use your navigation, music, and call functions whilst in a moving vehicle and still keep both eyes on the road.

How to Install a Phone Holder in The Car?

For a car vent phone holder, you can simply clip it onto your vehicle’s vent. Car phone holders for windscreens use a suction cup that sticks firmly to the inside of any windscreen. Universal holders use vice grips with a spring inside that adjusts to the size of your device. Magnetic holders are compatible with most MagSafe devices, otherwise, we provide a magnetic attaching ring for other devices.

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